Being an experienced and professional makeup artist, Our founder Simran Oberoi spent years working with clients with different skin types, skin issues and sensitivities along with her first hand struggle with her own skin from KP to severe acne, discolouration to allergic reactions. This inspired her to take up this challenge and work out solutions that truly work and that is how our beautiful journey began.

"Most of my clients felt that makeup was ruining their skin due to all the chemicals added in it for longevity and texture.  In their busy lives, most of them couldn’t take out time for skincare and makeup routines. Some complained that in the process of concealing the skin problem with makeup, it was proving counterproductive and worsening the condition.

My grandmother’s generation avoided makeup fearing it would age them faster. It led me to wonder, why does something that's supposed to make us feel and look good not also heal us from within.. Nature provides us with beautiful substitutes for almost all chemicals, colours and pigments can also be derived from it.  So, why not collaborate these two and enhance the well being of our skin with some real love and care? '

And this is how Simree Cosmetics took birth, with a vision to create something truly unique, luxurious and effective with the highest healing properties to make a real difference to our skin. 

Our gender neutral brand is packaged to cater to all humans as we believe that skincare and makeup belong to all genders!

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Clean Makeup, Clear Skin ™

'India's First Eco-Conscious, Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free Gender-Neutral Beauty Brand, Crafted by Women, Curated for the World'